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KidSafe Customer Support Portal

KidSafe.me Customer Support July 21, 2012 Getting Started / General

Thank you for your interest in KidSafe.me, a service of uKnow.com. It is recommended that rather than signing up for KidSafe.me, you try our sister service, uKnowKids (http://www.uknowkids.com). We are in the process of making major upgrades to the KidSafe.me service and not taking on new customers on that site at this time.

uKnowKids includes all of the same features of our KidSafe.me service plus many, many more. Better yet, you can try the Premier service (which is still only $9.95 per month) for free and there is also an 100% free version of the service called "Essential " available as well.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.


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